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Cati Torrella

W O R L D   D A N C E   MA S T E R S


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The Americana Dancing Calella comes with a new format, including the International line dancing and country dancing competition Iberican Masters. For the first time in Spain, we will have a qualifying event for Worlds of the prestigious organization World Dance Masters.


With this new event format, the "Americana Dancing Calella" wants to reach the maximum of you. We start modestly, and we know that the work will be long but exciting. A great effort to design something coherent but with a new vision, a new mentality to create an umbrella under which to allow the coexistence of the different interests that unite us, and the different people motivated to organize “Americana” type activities.



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·          Iberican Master  Competition

·          Fun Contest “Honky Tonk Series”

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·          Contestants List: Iberican Masters & Honky Tonk Series


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·          Iberican Masters Competition Results


·          Honky Tonk Fun Contest Medals




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