Saturday Night Party

Party CHICAGO  & Lipdub of the event´s dance


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The theme of the party on Saturday night will be the 20´s" we will make a Lipdub type video based on the soundtrack of this film with the various clubs, groups, choreographers, deejays, dance teachers, exhibitors, bartenders, event staff, etc ...


All groups that appear on the video path will dance, sing or act. We leave it to your choice. Over the coming months, we will prepare the script for the video with your collaboration. Pleasure is the word!. The video will end with all participants dancing the dance of the event.


The dance of the event will be All that Jazz by Ira Weisburd


Step Description       Video




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See video clip film Chicago “All that Jazz”



We will send the dance to all the "Group leaders", and we will also teach it on Friday at 19,00h. On Friday night, the attending choreographers will make the demonstration during the Hall of Fame awards ceremony.


Download step description chosen

See video of the linedance


We would like to thank all of you who, that through your "know-how" make that this weekend was unforgettable for all of us.






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