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Horario Oficina y Tienda

De Martes a Viernes    10,00h a 14,00h y de 16,00 a 21,00h

Martes, Miércoles, Jueves, Viernes (Consulta horarios)

Horario Saloon

Sábado de 18,00 a 23,00h

Domingo de 18,00h a 21,00h




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Cities in Line LIPDUB
Or ... the video of the dancers, staff, and all the cool people attending the event! .Everyone is invited.




For the first time, on Sunday afternoon before the Gala Cocktail of the Hall of Fame and the concert, we will make a Lipdub video based on a Rock & Roll song with the various clubs, groups, choreographers, deejays, dance teachers, exhibitors, bartenders, event staff, etc ...


After the Lipdub, and thanks to the Lipdub, all the participants arrive at the gala cocktail room where it will link with the Cocktail itself and the concert of Wax & Boogie. If your costume is Pin-Up we will thank you.


All groups that appear on the video path will dance, sing or act. We leave it to your choice. Over the coming months, we will prepare the script for the video with your collaboration. Pleasure is the word!


We would like to thank all of you who, that through your "know-how" make that this weekend was unforgettable for all of us.


The Lipdub video will be displayed on Facebook and / or Youtube so you can download it.




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