On Friday night  the Line Dance Association´s Awards Hall of Fame will be held.

The "Hall of Fame" has reached its 18th edition.


We hope you like it.


The importance of a Hall of Fame in the world of dance deserves to be different and participatory.

Significance not for itself, but because recognizing the efforts in pursuit of excellence in all of the finalists, is not only important, it deserves applause from all and to be developed in an atmosphere dedicated to them.


The finalists have been nominated by popular vote on the Commission's Hall of Fame of the Line Dance Association.



The categories that deserve the Award are:


Country Choreography; Linedance Choreography; Choreographer;  Instructor; Americana Artist/Band:


Country Choreography; Linedance Choreography; Choreographer;  Instructor; Americana Artist/Band of Europe:


The Hall of Fame selection process


It has three phases:


·          The nomination process begins in June, and every European citizen can nominate their candidates. The committees of the 10 categories check that these candidates meet the requirements. Appointment of Candidates


·          The Choice of Finalists process, for each of the 10 categories. The members of the jury of each committee, made up of international line dance and country dance personalities, vote and select the five finalists in its category. This process closes in September.


·          The Winners Voting process for each of the 10 categories. In this last phase, all members of the juries of all categories, they vote for their favorites in each category.

From there, the winners of the 10 categories.

The vote ends in October, and are published and awarded in the Americana Dancing on November.


Check the winners since 2002

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