Deejay Kombat is back!

The most famous deejays of linedance will try to atract you again with their proposals








The Deejay Kombat was another idea to provide the  linedancers  with different views of your favorite hobby.

Daniel Steenackers was the 2010 and 2011 champion, Dave Woollas was the 2012 Champion, and Joan Leite the 2013, 2014 Champion. Tony Garcia won in 2015.  The success of some of the songs chosen by the deejays are still here. Montse Chafino won on 2017.

The choreographers,are the judges.

One dance, just one dance to reach the heaven!


No one will know the linedance to which they must suggest a new song until, .... 10 minutes before the show!


Huge quality reactions we will see on the stage this year. You are all invited to attend, dance and show your support!