Invited Choreographers



Belén Marquez (E )

Cati Torrella (E )

Christian Favillier (F)

Dennise Delgado (Mx)

Esmeralda Van de Pol (NL)

Fred Whitehouse (UK)

Gary O´Reilly (IRL)

Guerric Auville (F )

Huynji Chung (Korea)

Jesús Moreno (E )

Juliá & Eva (E)

Mª Angeles Mateu (E )

Mª Jesús Mori (E )

Maggie Gallagher (UK)

Maria Rovira (E )

Martine Canonne (F)

Maxence Baroux (F)

Melvin Van Boxtel (NL)

Ria Vos (NL)

Rubén García (Mx)

Shane McKeever (UK)

Syndie Berger (F)

Wil Bos (NL)


They will stir the soul of the linedancers, your emotions will be their triumph!


This year with choreographers of the following countries:


·          Spain

·          France

·          Holland

·          United Kingdom

·          Ireland

·          México

·          Korea


Again great choreographers with you. Some of them  are well known, but they are only part of the powerful team of choreographers of the Spanish 2018


They will all be with you teaching a new dance every 30 minutes.A real whirlwind of dancing of all levels!.


And to help you to have all the material and to practice these dances, all the Line Dance Association professionals and all the Booking Leaders listed in the "Packs booking forms" will receive a complimentary pen drive with the step descriptions, etc ...

We are confident that they will give everything to you and we are sure that you all will support them, participating in class and make them live their dream on stage.


More information very soon!