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The Spanish Event


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Cati Torrella




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Office & Shop Timetable

From Tuesday to Friday    10,00h to 14,00h and from 16,00 to 21,00h

Workshops Schedule

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday (Check)

Saloon Timetable

Saturday from 18,00 to 23,00h

Sunday from 18,00h to 21,00h




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Our new “American Saloon” in Barcelona. Grand opening was on May 2014

Sant Antoni Mª Claret 514. Local. 08027 Barcelona




In Spain most of the linedancers know us as the introducers of linedancing to non-country Music here, and also as steady promoters of Americana music in general, and more intensively country music in our events. We will continue to work hard in this direction. Everybody is welcome to share it .


This way, in the Central you will be able to dancelinedancing from the most popular linedances to the more "catalán style" ones. On our website and Facebook is published what kind of music will be used every day. You will be able to choose between a range of instructors of the different styles and of different countries


With no doubt the Americana music concerts: country, blues, etc … will be part of the personality of the “Cities in Line Central” and we hope that the program, that includes international and national artists, pleases you.


The cold dinners will help you during the dance nights where we hope that you feel as at home.

See you soon!

Kti & George



·          Weekly Workshops, Teachers and Schedules

·          Weekend Dance nights

·          Concerts & Special event

·          Dance Footwear, Americana Costume  & Accesories S H O P

·          Dinners


Weekly Workshops, Profs & Schedules:

(Workshops of 1,15h long with “Click only” system)

Download Flyer


Workshops Timetable



18:30       Country Catalan Style & Country International Level 1

                Pili Rubín




18:30       Country International Level 2

               Maria Rovira

20:00       Country International & Line Dance Level 2

                Cati Torrella


18:30       Country Catalan Style & Country International Level 2

                Xavi Morano



18:30      Country International & Line Dance  Level 1

                Axel Garcia

20:00      Country International & Line Dance Level  0

                Axel Garcia





Cati Torrella (Technique, Trainings,  Linedandance & Country International)

Xavier Morano (Country“catalan style” & Country International)

Pili Rubín (Country“catalan style” & Country International)

Maria Rovira (Country International)

Axel Garcia (Linedandance & Country International)



Depending on your age, you can get a “Click Only subscription card” of a "Regular" type, or “Junior/Senior” type (Juniors until 14 years and Seniors from 65 years):


10 classes (60,00Eur) (*)

1 classe (9,00 eur).


10 classes (40,00 Eur)

1 Classe (7 Eur)


(*) With the Suscription Card of 10 classes,  you get a special Price for the dance-night  tickets of Friday & Saturday (from 22,30 to 01,30h) and in the evenings on Sundays (from 18,00 to 22,00h). The regular Price is 7,00 eur but with the “10 Classes” you get the tickets for just 5,00 Eur (both include a drink).



Cati Torrella


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Xavier Morano


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Maria Rovira

Pili Rubín


Axel García






Weekend Dance Nights & Monthly Activities


Saturday from 18,00 to 24,00h

Sunday from 18,00 to 21,00h


Invited Pro´s on Sunday Afternoon:  

Country «style catalan » & Country International :

 Xavi Morano & Pili Rubín


Monthy Activities on Saturday night:

1st   Saturday of the month:

2nd Saturday of the month:

3rd  Saturday of the month:

4th  Saturday of the month:


Check for more information about the monthly events on Saturday night


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Dance Footwear, Americana Costume  & Accesories



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Every Saturday and Sunday you can take dinner with us. An extraordinary spanish ham with a special bread or cheeses or pâté will help you take the necessary energy to dance..




Book your dinner in:  or

Tel. +34 935 027 242






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