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Cati Torrella (E)





Saturday 15th  February  2020


“LDA Judges Education Program” Modules of the Line Dance Association


Taught by Cati Torrella



Two Modules of 2,00h each



For all the linedancers, interested to deepen their knowledge in this type of dance and to acquire technical knowledge. There is no test. A certificate of attendance is issued in each of the workshops.


The accreditation of "LDA Pros" is based on the presence and use of the modules of the “Education program”, which you can follow in as many of the "LDA Congresses" as you deem necessary, and adaptable to the period which you need


The new teaching material for both modules is included in the price.


Those who are already "L.D.A Pros" can attend both at a reduced price.


Downolad Registration

Registration at :


This edition:

2 Modules of Country Dance Styles


And Special Stage of LDA National Judges

·         LDA Judges I

·         LDA Judges II



We will take care of you!



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