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Sunday 16th  February


World Dance Masters Rules

   Registration Line Dance Competition

Dances of World Dance Masters Worlds 2020 - WDM Standards - Panel of Judges LDA - Gold, Silver or Bronze Medals to all the participants, indicative of their adequacy and technique for the division in which they are enrolled. No license should be paid to any organization to participate.


·         For the competition lovers. Does not require the membership of any association or federation.

·         World Dance Masters offers the following divisions:

o     Solo (linedance) that includes the categories: Tiny Tots, Rug Rats, Starter, Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced & Allstars

o    ProAm. Couple dancing Teacher- student with different categories: Starter, Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced.

o    Groups that include: Duos, Quads, Partner y Teams

·         The three dances of the categories of the Solo division are danced one by one, leaving the dance floor each time

·         The costuming follows the rules of World Dance Masters




HONKY TONK Fun Contest

Sunday 16th  February



Registration Honky Tonk Contest   Information Sheet

 Dances Honky Tonk   

Rules Honky Tonk Series  





Who may take part

Aimed at social linedancers looking to have fun with their teachers and peers. As it is a contest of the Line Dance Association nobody needs to have the license of any association or federation.


The costumes are free, it would be appreciated appearance country


Honky Tonk Country & Honky Tonk Freestyle

1.- Follow step description. No variations. Adaptations because of handicaped contestants are allowed.

2.- No exaggerated arm movements, that go beyond the accompaniment of the corporal movement when having fun. Never use “show up” arm movements. Never use excessive body expression.

3.- Fundamentally the contestants must demonstrate that they are amusing themselves following the pace of the music

4.- The contestants can show while dancing the "motions" represented by the music that is playing, but without excessive body expression.

5.- Exaggerated arm movements or excessive body expression will imply the last placement.



The instructor accompanies the pupils on the dance floor, like a guide. The pupils (A) of the instructor (Pro) go out with him/her to the dance floor to dance linedance. The group can be of 6 to 8 pupils. A group may have two instructors but only one can go out to dance floor with the group.

The instructor does not count. Only the pupils count for the judges.

The pupils are either Honky Tonk line dance contestants or pupils that have never taken part in a contest or competition.

The dances are the same as in Honky Tonk

Two or more groups go together on the dance floor

A  drawing decides each one of the two ProAline groups that will take part together.



·          This contest is the way to present your choreographies to the Line Dance Association.

·          The Line Dance Association chooses de choreographies for the next season´s Honky Tonk fun contests, beetween the ones presented to the Choreography contests along the year.

·          All the contestants receive a medal: Gold, Silver or Bronze. We rank the choreographies by its own value and not compared with the other contestants.


·         Intended for social linedancers looking to have fun with their teachers and peers. Being a contest of the Line Dance Association, nobody needs to have the license of any association or federation.

·         Only one choreography can be presented in each of the three Categories

·         The three categories are: Country, FreeStyle, ABC-TAG

·         There are two difficulty levels of the choreographies for the previous categories: Beginner and Intermediate

·         In Country and FreeStyle it cannot be presented choreographies with Tag or ABC type, but it is authorised if the choreography only has a restart.

·         In Country choreography it must be to Country music. It is considered that a song is country, if the singer is recognized as such by the great organizations of country music of the USA.

·         In FreeStyle the choreography can be to any other type of music.

·         ABC-Tag is a division for choreographies, to Country music or to Freestyle music, including one of these two characteristics

·         The costumes are free, although the country appearance in the Country choreography category will be considered. Footwear is free.

·         The organization will study all the choreographies presented, and reserves the right to change categories, or level, in those cases in which it does not fit the requirements of that category.


IMPORTANT: The Step descriptions (in pdf format) and the songs (in mp3 format) must be received on advanced . If we do not have them on time, in the indicated format and with the proper identification, the registration  of choreography will be cancelled.  Both the pdf and the mp3 files should be named using the following structure:  Type of Choreography – Your name – Name of Choreography



Atención – Atention-Attention: 

Envío de inscripción: Antes de las 24:00 h. del dia 11 de Febrero  a:

Envoi d'inscription : Avant les 24:00 h du jour 11 Févrir a:

Send this registration: Before the 24 hours of the February 11th  to:




Registration Honky Tonk Contest       Information Sheet

 Dances Honky Tonk   

Rules Honky Tonk Series  


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